Hello! I’m Elena, the personal branding photographer and people admirer behind Maker’s Hands.

I thought I’d write this little introductory blog post ahead of the official launch of my website and give you a little insight into what my new business is all about.

One of the biggest motivators and sources of inspiration for me have been people, particularly creatives who are truly passionate about what they do. As a photographer I spend many days working with incredible people who fit this description perfectly, and it’s always such a joy. So I decided to tailor my services to them!

Everyone knows social media has become the biggest platform for marketing our services. Consistency in posting is a huge part of growing and building an awareness around your brand, no matter what sort of business you’re running. Through Maker’s Hands, I help small business owners lift the burden of building an online presence that reflects your brand and business in story-telling images. Together we’ll create the imagery through which you’ll establish an unmistakeable online presence and connect to your potential clients on a deeper level.

When I think back on when I first started out in my photography business, I can’t help but feel that frustration of trying to find out who I was as an artist, who I was trying to serve and most importantly why I was doing it. It was all there in my head but it wasn’t obvious enough to me to put into words immediately and to curate my imagery well enough to show the world what I was trying to do. I found it hard to speak to my audience in an honest way because I simply lacked the focus to transmit a clear message. I needed someone to ask the right questions that would lead me in the right direction. Which is why we’ll start by answering some questions I personally found helpful in my own business, to help identify the direction we’ll be taking in our sessions together.

I’m super excited to make this part of my creative world official and can’t wait to meet lots of inspiring makers!


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